Trump Merit Based Green Card Plan

Trump’s immigration plan (merit based) for path to citizenship for legal H1B workers. 

President Donald Trump made an announcement indicating merit based immigration bill in an interview with Telemundo on Jul 11, 2020

new merit-based legal immigration system that protects American wages and safety net programs, prioritizes immediate families, and creates a fair and transparent process for immigration to America.

Details of the proposed overhaul of the legal immigration system remain sketchy and come mostly from media reports. 

This newly created category would include immigrants who possess extraordinary talent, professionals and those in specialized vocations, and those with exceptional academic achievement. In this selection system, applicants would be allotted points for:

  • having a valuable skill
  • having an offer of employment
  • having an advanced degree
  • planning to create jobs
  • earning higher wages.

“We’re going to be signing an immigration act very soon,” Trump

On Aug 3rd 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring workers on H-1B visas from replacing American workers on federal contracts.Executive Order  instructs all the US Federal agencies to review their contractors and subcontractors hiring practices, if it involves displacing any US workers.

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