H4-EAD Saved – Processing Delay Continues

A welcome news for the H-4 EAD community, DHS finally withdrawn the regulation to rescind H-4 EAD. The Trump Administration’s efforts to rescind H4-EAD are no more.

There were 2 parties interested in the H4 EAD revocation process. DHS own idea & DHS vs Save Jobs USA Court Case. Now DHS withdrawn the regulation but there is still Save Jobs USA case pending on this issue.

In 2019, a US Court of appeals denied the abolition of the H4-EAD and sent it back to a lower court for further assessment. In view of the DHS withdrawal, it is very likely that the court case will be decided in favor of the H-4 EAD.



The H4 EAD rescission rule is a good first step, however H4 EAD processing times are now anywhere from 5/6 to 10 months. It is now guaranteed that existing EADs will expire and H4s will lose jobs when they file extensions. Due to Biometrics Delays, many H4 EAD holders could not get their H4s extended in time.  

H4 EAD Premium Processing implementation is the way the new DHS Administration can give a full life to H4 EAD. 




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