Chat with Charlie – June VB/Visa Backlog QnA

Charlie Oppenheim, US Department of State, came live on Youtube to answer questions about the June Visa Bulletin, and Neal Vermillion, Division Chief in the Visa Office, went live on YouTube today to answer questions about the immigrant visa backlog.

Here are the highlights of the Chat :-

Q: What would be the Family Sponsored and Employments Limits for Fiscal Year 2022 ?

Family Sponsored – 226,000 Employment Based Visa’s – 290,000(All time high)

Q: Would China/India EB2 continue to advance ?

Yes, and most other EB categories, with the exception of EB5, would move aggressively in FY2021 and the early part of FY2022.

Q: Would Family Sponsored would continue to advance through September 2021?

Originally slowed/stopped, based on changing conditions expected to advance through the summer.

Q: Which Countries use the majority of Employment Based Visa’s?

China and India as they have earlier priority dates.

Q: How Final action Dates determined each month?

At the most basic level, Preference Category and Country Limits are used.

Q: Do you expect any of the Final action Dates to be retrogressed ?

No FB or EB to be retrogressed in FY2021 or in FY2022.

Q: How much movement expected in July Visa bulletin ?

Very aggressive movement for employment dates except EB5 China.

Q: When 2016 March EB3 India expected to be Current ?

It is currently 2011, and it is expected to advance to 2012 in the near future, beyond that, based on incoming demand.

Q: What is the point advancing Date of Filing for EB2 in June Visa bulletin when USCIS refused to accept Date of Filing for Adjustment of status?

Department of state has no jurisdiction over USCIS.

Q: Does the spillover goes specifically to India as they are most backlogged ?

Currently, it is estimated that unused FB 150,000 will be added to the EB base limit of 140,000. According to Immigration and Nationality regulations 28.6 percent goes to EB1, EB2, and EB3, 7.1 percent goes to EB4, EB5, and there is a 7% country limit, all of which apply to 290,000 total Employment Based Visas in FY2022.

Q: For the FY2021, out of 262,000 visa’s for EB how many are used?

We don’t publish mid-year reports. Both FB and EB visas will be significantly unused in terms of annual limits, but we hope to keep using visa numbers.

Q: When you say aggressively moving does that mean 12 months or 15 months?

In recent years, EB2 India has been moving around for a few days in each visa bulletin. We will continue to move between 3 and 5 months in FY2021.

Q: Do you think EB3 India 2013 will be current in 2022?

Yes, I do believe in Fiscal Year 2022.

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