April Visa Bulletin

U.S. Department of State (DOS) released the April 2021 Visa Bulletin. EB2 India is advancing a bit faster compared to previous months.

Final Action Dates for EB:

INDIAProgressionDates For Filing
2nd01MAY103 Months and 15 Days15MAY11
3rd01SEP102 Months01JAN14

EB-1: All countries will be current in April including China and India.

EB-2: China will advance by one+ month to Sep 1, 2016. All other countries will remain current.

EB-3 : Cutoff dates for China will advance by a month to March 15, 2018. All other countries will remain current in March.


Importantly, USCIS allowed Date of Filing charts from October to December 2020 Period for individuals seeking to file applications for adjustment of status and from January 2021 allowed to use “Final Action Dates” charts.

USCIS is expected to update the Visa Bulletin web page for the cutoff dates for acceptance of adjustment of status applications for April month. The announcement will clarify whether USCIS will accept adjustment applications based on the Final Action dates chart or on the Dates for Filing Chart. 

Dates moved from October to February for EB:

INDIAProgressionDates For Filing
October1st01JUN183 Months01SEP20
2nd01SEP091 Month 25 Days15MAY11
3rd15JAN103 Months 15 Days01JAN15
November1st01DEC186 Months and 3 Days01SEP20
2nd22SEP0921 Days15MAY11
3rd01MAR101 Month and 15 Days01JAN15
December1st01APR194 Months and 3 Days01NOV20
2nd01OCT099 Days15MAY11
3rd15MAR1015 Days01JAN14
January1st01SEP195 Months and 3 Days01NOV20
2nd08OCT097 Days15MAY11
3rd22MAR107 Days01JAN14
February1st01JAN204 Months and 2 Days01NOV20
2nd12OCT094 Days15MAY11
3rd01APR1010 Days01JAN14
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