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A Column by – Dr.S.Thillaivanan,BSMS,MD (Siddha)

Obesity is a major life style disorder and has been increasing in recent years, despite the various causes of diseases. Obesity refers to overweight. This can be calculated by BMI. On average, men may have 21-25 BMI and females 18-23 BMI. If you exceed this level, you will be considered overweight. BMI is considered obese if it exceeds 30.

Obesity is increasing day by day on a global scale. Studies have shown that 350 million people in the world are obese. Obese is the source of some of the most important non-communicable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, strokes, joint diseases, gallstones, and some types of cancers.

This is the first reason for obesity is inadequate exercise, lack of physical activity, high-calorie diet. Obesity can be caused by the Hypothyroidism condition, hormonal imbalance, ovarian cysts, depressive psychosis, certain medications, and even hereditary.


A major change in the diet should be brought about. Rice-based foods that are high in calories should be eliminated. Alternatively, the diet should include high fiber and low calorie-diet like ragi, millets, dry grain, horse gram, and other grains. Remove the sugar-rich tubers and peas. Include low-calorie vegetables like cucumber, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, radish, and fiber-rich greens. Fruits like papaya, guava, pineapple, etc. can be added. You can take them in response to snacks or breakfast.

Sour fruits can be avoided as it secretes acid in the stomach and increases appetite. Avoid fried foods in oil. Only hot water for drinking water can accelerate the dissolving of fat in our body. It is wrong to eliminate breakfast completely. You can take at least one fruit instead. It is better to divide and eat in quantity. It is advisable to eliminate high-calorie soft drinks. Non-vegetarians can add more egg white and fish.

Milk and milk products should not be taken except buttermilk as it is a main cause for obesity. You can take green tea instead of milk. If milk is necessary, you can use the seeds of the herb called nathaisoori instead of tea and coffee powder and can be used instead of coffee powder. It is possible to take fried fenugreek seeds and mix them with hot water during the day.

It is better to take 4-5  cloves of garlic at night times. This helps in reducing bad cholesterol and helps in reducing obesity. Triphala churnam, a traditional Siddha medicine contains amla, can be taken in a teaspoon full with hot water before dinner. Avoid food after 8 pm. The chemical hydroxy citric acid present in the herb kodampuli (Garcinia Indica) will help of hunger control and weight reduction.  Taking a non-sugar diet is a simple way to prevent weight gain. Add cumin seeds or coriander seeds and drink boiled water to help you lose weight.

Physical exercise is essential to reduce obesity. Walking for at least half an hour daily is essential. Swimming, cycling, etc., can be practiced. Yoga practices such as Surya Namaskar, Veerasanam, Trikonasanam, Ardha Machendrasanam, Halasanam, Dhanurasanam, Pakshi Mothasanam, Tadasanam, Bhavana Muktasanam can be practiced regularly.

Thus, if you are aware of the importance of weight gain, you can avoid obesity if you follow the above-mentioned dietary habits and lifestyle changes.

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