Kapa Sura Kudineer – A Siddha Medicine drug on this Pandemic

A Column by – Dr.S.Thillaivanan,BSMS,MD(Siddha)

Siddha medicine is one of the oldest medical systems in the world. This system is widely practiced in India, especially in southern regions. Siddha medicine becomes popular nowadays because of outbreaks of communicable and very infectious pandemic disease Covid-19. This disease of viral origin is very challenging to the modern world because of lack of vaccine and ideal anti-viral therapy.

Covid-19 is a new virus, no one will have immunity to it and everyone could be at risk of catching it. This includes healthy adults as well as older people, young children, pregnant women and those with existing medical conditions. Although the lesser mortality rate of Covid-19 when compared with SARS-COV1 and MERS-COV, the transmission rate is very high. The unknown clear pathology and complication of the disease is very challenging to the medical world.

The polyherbal decoction Kapa Sura Kudineer (KSK) is a well-known Siddha drug, very famous as an immune booster in India especially in TamilNadu. This drink contributes one among the 32 types of a Siddha drug for internal usage. The efficacy of medicine is very high when we take it as a decoction because of its high absorption capacity.


In Siddha clinical practice Nilavembu Kudineer (NVK) a decoction based polyherbal Siddha formulation is prescribed for fever of unknown origin (PUO). It is used as first line therapy and general remedy for some types of fever caused by unidentified microbial infections. Likewise, “Kapa Sura Kudineer” has taken the main role on this pandemic as an immune booster nowadays in a popular manner. The drug Kapa Sura Kudineer has been quoted for kapasuram, the symptoms of which is an analogue with Covid-19, mentioned in the Siddha Formulary of India.

Siddha system of Medicine explains about 4448 diseases in its text quoted by the saint Agasthiyar . All these diseases are caused due to alteration in three humors of body called Vatham, Pitham, and Kapham. Siddha promotes the concept that if one’s immune system (3 humors) is strong and normal then even if the body is exposed to any microorganism, one will not be affected. During a pandemic or an epidemic attack, Siddha emphasizes on the resistance of people existing in regions affected by viruses. This medication promotes the intake of decoctions to increase the immunity level of the people and to neutralize or normalize the 3 humors.

Siddha remedies consist of natural herbs which are effective in preventing and controlling so many infectious diseases. Moreover, the herbs in the KSK decoction are used to relieve symptoms of any viral etiology, and boost the immune system against them. On this way, Siddha treatment involves the use of Kapa Sura Kudineer which comprising 15 herbal drugs on the deadliest pandemic Covid-19.

In early insilico docking studies of Kapa Sura kudineer showed the better outcome against Covid-19. This study gives the hope for the medical world to manage the fearful pandemic situation and among the public also. And also containment zone studies in Tamilnadu also showed the effectiveness of Kapa Sura Kudineer in the prevention of Covid-19.

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