Gastro (GERD) with Siddha Medicine and Home Remedies

A Column by – Dr.S.Thillaivanan,BSMS,MD(Siddha)

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

It’s common practice to take antacid medications like PPIs or H-2 receptor antagonist before breakfast. GERD is the condition behind this for the medication. There are lots of adverse events while taking long without prescription. This article is to create awareness among them and to recover from the condition.

The capacity of the stomach is 30 ml in the birth will become one and a half liter capacity due to the contraction and expansion of the stomach in adults. Half stomach food, one-fourth stomach water, one-fourth stomach vacuum according to the measure of our ancestors. This will lead to good digestion. The main cause of this disease condition is eating of the whole stomach and drinking soft drinks to digest food.


The prevalence of GERD is about 24% worldwide. The number of cases in India alone is 8 to 24%.

Heart burns, especially after meals, frequent belching, recurrent burping, vomiting, nausea, difficulty in food, the feeling of something in the throat, stomach bloating are the symptoms of GERD. Recurrent symptoms and heartburns twice a week can be confirmed by GERD.

The ‘Gunmam’ mentioned in Siddha medicine shows the signs of GERD disease. The first cause of the disease, according to Siddha medicine is due to excessive intake of gas producing food items. The line in Siddha manuscript is “Thodar vatha banthamalathu gunmam varathu” which denotes the cause. There are eight types of Gunmam according to Siddha text. The disease can not only discourage the patient physically, but also mentally.

GERD can be overcome by a lifestyle change such as smoking, alcohol consumption, avoiding oily food symptoms, avoiding fast foods, avoiding fried foods, avoiding soft drinks, utilization of traditional food items.

Siddha way of life style and food habits like hungry after eating, walking a little after eating, avoiding potatoes, plantain, banana, to the daily diet, avoiding high calorie peas can help to recover from the GERD. Milk and buttermilk are often added to overcome the symptom and to prevent excess bile secretion. Add some melted ghee to your diet. Tubers and peas produce more gas after digestion and increase the symptoms of belching and stomach upset.

The various simple herbs mentioned in Siddha medicine can help with GERD condition. The medicines that are used for ealakkai (cardamom), seeragam (cumin seeds), athimathuram (licorice), triphala, nilavarai (Cassia senna) can be taken as per the advice of Siddha physician. The medical treatments that reduce gas and the bile reduction are very effective.

Avoid tea and coffee and take boiled milk with ealakkai (cardamom), seeragam ( cumin seeds) and  thaniya (coriander seeds). It helps in stomach irritation and heart burns by reducing pitham(bile) . People with excessive vayu (gas) can add more asafetida to the diet. Garlic can be boiled in milk to reduce excess vatham (gas).

If you have insomnia due to GERD, you can boil poppy seeds in milk and take it overnight.   Avoid sour fruits and spicy foods.  Fruits like pomegranate, vilwam (bael fruit), etc can be added. Siddha medicines like Vilvadi Legium, Jeeraga Vilwadi Legium, madhulai Manapagu (pomegranate syrup), etc. can be taken as per the advice of the doctor.  Triphala chooranam or Elathy chooranam are good remedies.

To stimulate digestion and keep your mind happy, you can add manathakkali leaves to your diet regularly. Antidepressant and Anti-ulcer activity of that green is proven one. Egg whites with cumin seeds can be taken before meals.

Taking an oil bath twice a week with gingelly oil and purgation once in six months will eliminate the underlying cause of the disease. The asana suggested by Thirumoolar for the benefit of GERD, is ‘vajrasanam’ posture.

Overall, good diet, adherence to the life style of Siddha medicine, excessive intake of vegetables, avoiding medicines without a doctor’s advice, can lead to illness free life, not only in the gastrointestinal tract but also for the whole body systems.

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