Agreement struck on Monday night and details expected to be announced on Tuesday morningDetails of a trade deal between the UK and Australia will be announced ...

President Biden reassured his NATO allies that the U.S. has their backs, and said he was gratified that the alliance will now also focus on challenges from ...

Communique is first time alliance has asserted it needs to respond to Beijing’s growing powerNato leaders have declared China presents a security risk at their ...

Israel isn’t the only country where odd alliances have formed in recent years. In many parts of the world, “marriages of convenience” are a standard feature of ...

The former prime minister's alleged crimes carry serious punishment, including the possibility of years in prison.

The mice are invading homes. They’re destroying crops. They’re chewing through appliances, sofas, cars — and livelihoods.

As head of the opposition, the former prime minister has vowed to topple Israel’s new government as soon as possible.

The government doesn’t have the dollars to import gasoline and the Lebanese are now trapped in endless lines waiting.

Mohammad Shtayyeh condemns Naftali Bennett’s announcements in support of Israeli settlements Benjamin Netanyahu’s ousting closes one of the “worst periods” of ...

Night clubs are likely to remain closed along with limits on indoor dining, sports venues and weddings.

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